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How Do You Cure What You Don't Know???

Up until a few months back, I didn’t know that waking up with a red, painful streak on your leg could generate into something else. I had no idea that my leg muscles, tissues and skin would suffer from that streak. The same streak that took 6 weeks to heal, and then decided to come back 2 more times. It was a painful experience. I had difficulty walking on my own. I couldn’t stand for long either. Whenever I did, my leg would swell up as if I pumped it full of water. Well, water and pain. When you don’t know what it is, how can you cure it???

10 Small Business Ideas For You In 2017

You may be thinking, “There are too many problems in Nigeria for me to start a business”. LOL. Understand that in the midst of problems, there are always opportunities to be found. This is why there are many foreign investors in the country. Guess what? They saw the opportunities and potential opportunities that some of us can’t see. And the reason why we’re not seeing is because we feel that the challenges we’re facing in this country are greater than the opportunities that are existing.

10 Different Ways To Combine Your Colours By fydola

I also understand how you feel when you have to search through your closet to put together the right colored outfit and you just can’t seem to find anything that matches. Hmm….I really know that feeling. It could be frustrating when you have all the color shades of clothes and you don’t know how to combine them. Especially on a Monday morning, many women and men struggle to know what to wear. But things don’t have to be too complicated. You can make your life a lot easier with some clever fashion tips that allow you look your stunning and fabulous on every occasion.

I put together 10 different ways you can combine your colors and match them. Are you ready?