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Just In! Blood and Wine Teasers – May 2018

So, Telemundo has been releasing some pretty hot and intense dramas filled with blood, drama, intrigue and even more romance. We’ve had Woman of Steel, Iron Rose, Lord of the Skies and more on our screens. he latest TV show to watch out for on Telemundo is definitely Blood and Wine which premiered this past Monday (7th May). New episodes will be airing every day by 4pm so that means something hot and new 5 days a week. 

10 New TV Shows You Just Have To See This Year

2018 promises to be an amazing year for movies, TV series, and so much more. I’ve put together 10 TV series that you should know about and see this 2018. Fine, we agree that 2017 was a year for amazing TV series and there will be returning favorites like ‘Jessica Jones’ (Season 2), Daredevil (Season 3), but honestly, I’ve got a good feeling about these new TV series and I think you will love them.

On Lies of the Heart: Urmi and Ishaan plan to take Samrat down in court. Will it work?

The judge asks Samrat to place his phone before them. Niranjan blabbers, while Samrat is also left in disbelief. Urmi turns in tears. Samrat stammeringly says that he doesn’t have anything in his mobile, The judge reprimands him to hand over the phone. Samrat is shocked and stunned. He is scared, as he gives the phone and the judge receives it. The judge checks the video files and eyes Samrat sternly.