5 warning signs you are being abused in a relationship

Abuse comes in many forms in a relationship. You could be emotionally, financially, mentally or psychologically abused without knowing. Many people are in relationships where they have no clue what is going on. Most times, when you are in love, it becomes almost impossible to say whether you are abused or not, you cover it all up.

Feeling depressed? Here’s 5 things to do

Depression is something many of us are familiar with. Some months ago, a man jumped off Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos and died. A day later, a woman jumped off the same bridge but was rescued. Luckily for her. The man was found to be a medical doctor- his family still can’t accept the fact that he’s dead. A saddening fact. However, people have begun designing memes and writing posts on social media ridiculing the life and death of this poor doctor.