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King of Hearts Season 3: Here’s What To Expect

King of Hearts will be back on Zeeworld on the 14th of May, 2018. This season 3 is the story of Siddharth and Roshni’s son, Karanvir, 20 years after the death of our two star-crossed lovers. That was so sad. 

Anyways, let’s focus on Karanvir, Roshni and Siddharth’s son who’s all grown up but has been named Satya by Gangu Tai, the maid. So I really don’t like Gangu Tai. She practically stole Karanvir from Siddharth’s family when she refused to take the baby to them after Roshni and Siddharth died. I mean, fine, her real son Satya died in that car accident with Roshni and Siddharth but why didn’t she just return the baby like Roshni asked her to do? Who does that?

On Lies of the Heart: Urmi and Ishaan plan to take Samrat down in court. Will it work?

The judge asks Samrat to place his phone before them. Niranjan blabbers, while Samrat is also left in disbelief. Urmi turns in tears. Samrat stammeringly says that he doesn’t have anything in his mobile, The judge reprimands him to hand over the phone. Samrat is shocked and stunned. He is scared, as he gives the phone and the judge receives it. The judge checks the video files and eyes Samrat sternly.

On Lies of the Heart This Monday

She tells about what Samrat did, in Urmi’s absence, by taking Shaurya and keeping him absent from academic hours. Ishaan taunts Samrat that was indeed responsible. Niranjan is tensed. She tells how she told Urmi about this, and the fake birthday, and how Urmi was oblivious of all this. Ishaan asks what action she took. She says that she gave Urmi a warning, to get Samrat to stop this, or she shall cancel the admission. Niranjan says that the principal is lying. Ishaan asks him not to make baseless allegations, and then asks how can the court take Samrat to be responsible. He asks Niranjan to question her.