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How To Protect Your Device From Cyber Threats

Imagine a world free of Virus, a world free of Trojan and a world free of Worms, but we all know that is a far cry from reality. We know it is a far cry because where there is cyberspace, there is cyber-attack, and where there is cyber-attack, there would equally be the need for a corresponding cyber security. And cyber security has never been in more demand than in today’s advancing digital world.

A Guide To Having An Amazing Monday

There are days, especially Mondays, that I wake up and I feel so tired. I lack the drive to stand up, get ready for work, and to work. Have you ever had that feeling? At a time, I began to think that there was something seriously wrong with Mondays- maybe a demon behind the tiredness, lethargy, and crankiness that came with Monday mornings. But, there’s something that I’ve come to understand- the fact that my days are the way they are because of my thoughts, actions, and even reactions towards them.