New! The Queen of Miami Teasers for December 2017

New! The Queen of Miami Teasers for December 2017

After the Woman of Steel season 2 ended last Friday, Telemundo has brought on more girl power to rule our TV screens again this December with the premiere of the channel’s new telenovela “The Queen of Miami”.

It premiered this Monday, 11 December at 10pm and stars Kate del Castillo (star of Queen of the South) as Anastasia Cardona, the widow of a famous drug lord whose mind has been morphed by the violence she’s seen.

The result: she teams up with two cocaine traffickers to take on a drug cartel. Kinda reminds you of the Woman of Steel, yeah?

Here’s a feel of what to expect, followed by the first teasers: 

Miami was not born of its tourism, its beaches or its climate. It was born in a turbulent era that marked the destiny of an entire nation and made the Magic City the drug capital.

In this world of crime, violence and dangerous alliances, a betrayed woman rises as its ruthless queen. Anastasia Cardona will make of paradise a territory of her devises, her whims and her orders.

In the first episodes of The Queen of Miami;Monday 11 December 2017 

Nataniel throws a birthday party for his wife, Anastasia, while Leandro Quezada’s men plan an attack on Nataniel’s ranch.

Tuesday 12 December 2017 

While Anastasia is in hospital, Quezada’s men try to attack her again, but Renato saves her. Gina tells Nataniel that she is expecting his child.

New! The Queen of Miami Teasers for December 2017
The Queen of Miami Teasers for December 2017

Wednesday 13 December 2017 

Anastasia asks Renato to find and kill the men who assaulted her. Nataniel tells Gina he doesn’t want the baby.

Thursday 14 December 2017 

The police arrive at Nataniel’s house looking for information on the shooting at the restaurant. Adan tells Conrado that he regrets selling drugs.

Friday 15 December 2017 

Nataniel confronts Renato and threatens to kill him. Esparza, Cardoso and Adan collect the cocaine that they negotiated with Nataniel.
Monday 18 December 2017 

Daytona threatens to harm Luciana if she gets close to Chad again. Adan Romero is interrogated about the events at Lucius restaurant.

Tuesday 19 December 2017 

Nataniel’s body is dropped from a helicopter outside his house. Benavides and Riquelme interrogate Irene and Anastasia about Nataniel’s death.

Wednesday 20 December 2017 

An autopsy is carried out on Nataniel’s body. Anastasia makes a confession to the priest at the church. Ferrara learns that Elias Cabrera is dead.

Thursday 21 December 2017 

Saul visits Renato in hospital. Elizondo hires some women to entertain his men, and Detective Corona sneaks in, pretending to be a prostitute.

Friday 22 December 2017 

Salvador tells Saul and Riquelme that he doesn’t think the Santa Norma cartel is involved in Nataniel’s death. Sergio asks Erika to star in his film.
Monday 25 December 2017 

Adan tells Conrado that they have been spied on. Anastasia buys the mannequin factory in order to set up her business operation centre.

Tuesday 26 December 2017 

Ferrara asks Montalbán to withdraw Benavides from the drug trafficking case for jeopardising the operation. Chad takes Juliana to a bar.

Wednesday 27 December 2017

Rony is captured by the police after attacking Daisy and Verónica. Quezada and Anastasia make plans to meet in a hotel.

Thursday 28 December 2017 

Adan asks Luciana not to tell Veronica what he does for a living. Anastasia and Quezada meet at a shopping centre, and she tells him to leave Miami.

Friday 29 December 2017 

Elias kisses Gina, but she throws him out of her room. Anastasia tells Quezada that she killed Nataniel. Elizondo follows Verónica to a supermarket.

The Queen of Miami airs on Telemundo from Mondays to Fridays by 9pm. The omnibus airs on Saturdays and Sundays at 8pm.

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