Zee World: Thursday On Lies Of The Heart- Episodes 113- 114

Zee World: Thursday On Lies Of The Heart- Episodes 113- 114

At Samrat’s residence, Urmi remembers Tauji’s advice and Samrat’s insults that she bore all this while. She is forced to question herself whether she actually is to be blamed for all the insults that she is meted out with. She denies and says that she doesn’t deserve the life that she is leading. She remembers Tauji’s advice and is determined to stand and fight for herself.

While Aditi is taking Urmi’s side, in the event of Samrat making Shaurya slap his own mother, Shashi reprimands her for taking Urmi’s side, refusing to see Aditi’s logic, even though Shashi’s husband complies with Aditi. Shashi insists that Samrat is right. Samrat’s father asks Aditi to let it be, as Shashi won’t budge, as she doesn’t want to understand anything except for the fact that the whole world is wrong, and Samrat is right, and when Samrat raises his hand on her, then only she would understand.

Meanwhile, Diwaker comes home very tensed, asking Kanchan for water. Shashi asks if everything is okay. Diwaker vents out his frustration at what happened in the office and enraged and accuses Amrit of doing fraud. Aditi is shocked to hear Amrit’s deed as Diwaker tells her. Finally, unable to take it any longer, Aditi tries to defend Amrit her husband and asks her brother not to talk like this, as he isn’t such a lowlife, that he would mishandle money but her brother, Diwaker shouts at her saying that if her husband can’t, can her brother do this?Hearing this scream, Tauji and Urmi come out too. Aditi says that she didn’t mean this. Kanchan too defends her husband that indirectly Aditi is hinting only at this. Aditi is reprimanded by Kanchan then she brands her husband as a thief, by saying that just because she got a chance to stay in the house, doesn’t mean she gets to say whatever she wants to. Aditi says that if Kanchan’s husband isn’t a thief, then her Amrit isn’t too. Kanchan smirks that everyone knows what Amrit is and what’s not. Shashi is shocked. The entire atmosphere gets tensed, while Aditi is speechless. Kanchan continues to speak, while Shashi ask her to shut up. Diwaker confronts his mother, Shashi not to stop his wife, she reminds her that Samrat is unstoppable and no one says anything to him. He adds that no one has been able to get Samrat on track, and whether he would ever get on track.

Urmi confronts Tauji as they witness the entire episode. Garjan (Tauji) is super tensed.

In the evening, on the roof, while Tauji is finishing with his work, when Shaurya tells him to play with him. Shaurya asks insistently Tauji to become a horse for him. Samrat sees this while Tauji tells Shaurya that he won’t comply. Shaurya speaks arrogantly with ‘Tauji’ and says that he would have to listen to him, like everyone else, and that happens what he wishes for, and speaks in the same tone, that Samrat speaks and Samrat sees this. Tauji says that even his father’s Samrat is shocked when Shaurya tells Tauji that if he doesn’t comply, then he would beat him badly, and get him beaten by his father. Tauji is surprised too while Samrat is angry.

Samrat with his own two eyes how rude and arrogant Shaurya has become as he sees his son misbehaving with his ‘Tauji. He gets furious with his son and decides to punish him and locks him inside the bathroom as punishment. The entire family ask Samrat to stop torturing the little boy, but Samrat orders everybody to stay away from the door. Urmi starts to cry, seeing her son crying. But later, listening to ‘tauji’ she decides to act against Samrat’s wish and opens the door and frees Shaurya.

Tauji takes the opportunity and asks Shaurya to do to his father, what he had done to him. He further tells Shaurya that Samrat has never been locked in room before and would understand only when he himself will be locked in room.

The next morning, Samrat tells Urmi to prepare his breakfast fast as he has to go for extremely important meeting and can’t be late. Urmi goes down and Shaurya too locks his father inside the bathroom and go downstairs. Samrat keeps banging the door but downstairs everyone thinks it’s Mandira doing mischief.

Samrat is still in the bathroom and continuously banging the door as no one opens the door. Urmi hears the noise and goes up to see what’s the problem. Urmi asks Tauji if the noise is coming from Samrat room but Tauji instead tells her to get tea for him then they will see.

Garjan (Tauji) then winks at Shaurya and he smiles. Urmi tell Tauji that it’s Samrat voice. Shashi comes to the sitting room and asks why is Samrat hitting the door this way. Urmi opens the door and Samrat comes out angry. He asks who locked the door and points towards her. He is furious and blames Urmi for locking him inside. Urmi asks why will she lock him up. Shaurya says that it was he who had locked him in. Everyone make fun of Samrat but Samrat feels that Urmi had taught him to do this. He tells Urmi that she’s teaching his son to stand against him. Urmi asks why did he ask her this question. Tauji says Urmi would have done this to give punishment to Samrat. Tauji’s’ indirect support to Urmi somehow seems to be working in her favour.

Samrat’s mother feels that ‘Tauji’ will teach Urmi a lesson but is unaware of the fact that ‘Tauji’ is providing his guidance to Urmi. Shashi says how can she do this and teach the kid all this. Kanchan tell Samrat that he taught Shaurya to be like this so he can learn from him. Hearing this, Shashi scolds Kanchan. Samrat warns Urmi from doing any such thing the next time. He tells Urmi and everyone to please get out and let him get ready to go. Tauji looks at Urmi.

On one hand he helps Urmi to get stronger and on the other he plays mind games with the rest of the family but it is still unclear what Garjan (Tauji) intentions are.

At Anu residence, Saroj tells Gayatri Granny that Gaurav is not interested in marriage and asks why compel him. Granny insists to get him married to another girl. Saroj disagrees with Granny. Granny suggests to Saroj to let them sit and plan for his wedding. Saroj tells Gayatri Granny to make sure she doesn’t get a wrong girl for her son.


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