Zee World: Tuesday On Lies Of The Heart- Episodes 109- 110

Zee World: Tuesday On Lies Of The Heart- Episodes 109- 110

In the room, Urmi tries to get Shaurya to stop crying, while she is distraught herself. After he stops crying, she herself breaks into tears, at the plight of her situation. He then asks her to stop crying, as he has stopped now. She also stops crying. They both kiss each other. Shashi comes in and tries to say that she sent them off, as they were scaring Shaurya. But Shaurya refuses to go down to cut the cake. Urmi is tensed but she is happy when Shashi says that there are no more cartoons. He leaves with the ladies.

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Meanwhile, downstairs, Tauji tries to flirt with Granny, and she took gives him a tart answer. When Shaurya quietens down, Samrat is happy to find Shaurya. Samrat takes Shaurya, and he tells Samrat that if he ever calls the cartoons ever again, he would leave and never come back. Samrat tells him that he has to go on his father and not become weak like his mother. Urmi is shocked at his behaviour.

As the cake cutting ceremony starts, Samrat and Urmi gather around Shaurya, he asks Tauji to come and sidelines Urmi, who’s diminished into oblivion as Tauji replaces Urmi, standing aside Urmi. Saroj is apalled. The photosession continues, where Urmi is nowhere to be seen. The cake cutting happens as Shaurya cuts the cake brought by Amrit and Urmi is sad but still claps. Saroj is sad for Urmi’s condition. Shaurya gives cake to his father and Tauji too. Samrat’s father comes in and finds that the cakle has already been cut, while he had gone to the restroom and he is disappointed. Shaurya gives cake to everyone but Samrat asks the servant to serve it to everyone, without bothering that neither Urmi nor his father got cake by Shaurya.Before he can do it, Samrat’s father stops him and tells Shaurya to also give a taste of the cake to his mother, as she didn’t taste it. Urmi is overwhelmed with tears and emotions. But Samrat stops him midway as he does not allow Shaurya to feed the cake to Urmi as a punishment to her for bringing a rubbish cake the earlier time. Samrat tells him that Urmi won’t eat this cake. All are shocked to hear this.

Samrat’s father asks why. Samrat says that it’s a punishment for what she did, by making a cake like what she did. All are frustrated, but no one says anything. Samrat’s farther vehemently says that this is wrong, and asks Samrat to let Shaurya feed Urmi, as she is his mother. Samrat says that he is the father, and asks him not to interfere as what he said is final. He asks him not to spoil his mood, and gets on with other things. As he leaves with Shaurya, Samrat’s father disappointed watches Urmi. Samrat asks Tauji not to be disturbed, and goes to the gift area. Saroj is apalled for Urmi, while she watches Shaurya resignedly. Urmi wipes her tears and leaves. Saroj is distraught for her daughter. Tauji is amused at Urmi’s plight.

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Urmi cries her heart out to her mother regarding the situation at her home. Urmi’s mother feels upset seeing her daughter’s plight. But Urmi reassures her by saying that she is now used to this kind of life. Saroj, Devi and Granny come home back. Gaurav asks how was the function. Diva lies that it was awesome. Saroj thrws the return gift she get. Anushka asks her mother what happen there. Saroj tells her daughter that nothing good happen at Urmi’s home and that things are getting worse there. Anu says she know and she doesn’t like going there. Devi supports Samrat action towards his daughter, Urmi. A furious Saroj blunt out that she can’t lie and that she saw tears in Urmi’s eyes. She further tells Gaurav they were insulted and saw tears in her daughter eyes. Gaurav says Samrat is bad but Urmi’s father again support Samrat and also Granny. Later, Gaurav’s family want him to remarry and talk about getting him married off again. Granny convince him that he will be happy again. Image may contain: 1 person, text

At Samrat’s residence, Urmi recalls what happened with Tauji. Urmi tells Shaurya to play. Samrat comes to his room and tells his son, Shaurya to stop the noise of the toy. Samrat doesn’t listen but Urmi tells Samrat to let him play as he was not feeling good. Samrat says she like to shout and disregard him and tell his son to stop the noise. Shaurya tells him he want to play but Samrat breaks the toy and the poor kid starts to cry. Urmi feels bad and console her son not to cry. She asks Samrat why did he do this way and that he is getting spoiled due to Samrat. Samrat shouts and reminds her that she just gave birth to the child and she is not fit to be called a mother. Urmi is shocked hearing this from Samrat.

At Anushka’s residence, A family comes to their house to talk about the possibility of Gaurav and their daughter’s marriage but they only end up getting the wrong matches as the girls parents who come to see Gaurav tells his family that their daughter has a kid. Granny says she would be happy if Guarav likes their daughter. Gaurav and the girl meet. She asks what is her salary worth. He replied that it’s for running the family and they get his father’s pension but it’s too less. She asks about his savings and that she have no expectation and that he should take care of her kid properly. She adds that she do vacation twice out of india and that this are her demands and she don’t want anything else. Gaurav is shocked listen to the demand of a mother of a kid.

At Samrat’s residence, Tauji talks to some girl on Skype and says bye to that girl and then calls Urmi in. Urmi decides to apologize to ‘Tauji’ for the incident that occurred at the temple and says she is sorry for what happen last morning. He asks why is she apologizing and then he begin to taunts Urmi. But Urmi still stands by the fact that it wasn’t her mistake and tries to talk to Tauji that she didn’t throw his shoes away and that it was the kid’s fault. Tauji is pissed off, saying Urmi is lying. She says the kid must have lied to him. Tauji’ shouts at Urmi, insults her and asks her to get out from the room. Samrat’s mother hears the entire conversation between Urmi and ‘Tauji’, she wonders where these two know each other and decides to reveal it to Samrat.

Samrat’s mother tells Samrat that Urmi hid from everyone that she met Tauji in temple and insulted him. Samrat gets furious when his mother informs him about Urmi and Tauji’s encounter and calls everyone. Samrat decides to make Urmi apologize to ‘Tauji’ by making her wash ‘Tauji’s’ feet. He asks Urmi to wash Tauji’s feet and drink that water. Urmi insisted that she has not made any mistake but Samrat refuse to listen. Tauji says when she does not realise her mistake then the punishment has no point. Urmi, who still does not agree to her mistake finally gives in and does as asked.

Image may contain: 1 person, closeupSeeing Urmi crying watching his feet, Tauji feels bad and removes his feet. He stands up but Samrat insists Urmi to drink the water but Tauji stop him and tells Samrat not to do this. Samrat leaves the sitting room in annoyance. Tauji is not happy seeing how helpless Urmi is as he knows her to be bold, clever and hates injustice. The entire family are upset with Samrat behaviour towards Urmi except Shashi.

Mandira asks her grandmother why she made complaint to Samrat and tells her that she is very bad. Urmi is even more upset to see that most of the family is supporting her but her own son Shaurya does not even speak a word in her support. Urmi finds solace in front of goddess Durga’s idol. Tauji sees Urmi crying in front of god and thinks if Urmi is actually right. He finds that something wrong is going on in the house and decides to correct everything by looking into the depth of it and change her days.


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