Monday On Love Oh Love (Episodes 75-77)

Monday On Love Oh Love (Episodes 75-77)

Raj gets completely shattered, he comes in front of the temple downstairs. Arpita also comes there with the note and tells him it had fall off the novel. Raj starts to cry in front of a Krishna statue and says for the first time today, he heard another guy’s name from Avni’s mouth. He asks God they have only bring him close to Avni, now they will have to show him the way and write love in his fate. He kneels down in front of Gods. A flower drops on him, he picks it up, stands up and smile as he gets the inner strength and decides what steps to take. He says Avni is his and no one else can come in her life. Arpita asks how he can say this so confidently. He says because these Gods are a symbol of love, and they also want to make his love exemplary. But only those people ever succeeded who faced difficulties. If Avni is not in his fate, he would never have met her in a temple. Today where he and Raj are standing, they have brought them there. Arpita asks then why have they brought Samar in between. Raj says because they wanted him to realize he will have to himself. He has got their blessings, now he will get Avni too.

Arpita encourages Raj that he has strengthened his intentions. Arpita asks haven’t they got late. Raj says her proposal has not finalized yet, he will be a bit naughty and in a while Avni will know his love. Avni comes from back asking that he have promised to help her and takes him. Arpita asks God to help Raj.

Avni and Raj are on the lawn. Avni tells him she is very nervous, he had no idea. He says he has an idea as she have finished the packet of chips in 10 minutes. She asks her to think about something than to count her chips. He says he is thinking about the name… she asks ‘of chips?’ He says ‘oh no. not the chips but the chipkoo (sticker). Her husband to be. His name is strange. Sounds like he might be an uncle’ She asks didn’t he like his name. He tells her leave the name and to just tell him what does he do. She tells him he is from Mumbai, directs TV serials and is a self-made man. He is in US these days, and runs his own business in spite of a big family business. Raj sits on the chair and asks in a relaxing way ‘Why run his own business? Doesn’t he get along with his father? He tells her not to worry and think much about him’ But Avni is worried now, wondering he could possibly be ill tempered. She tells him he is going to call from US at 10 o clock and it is already 9 o clock. She didn’t know what to talk. Savri calls her from inside. Raj tells her to go inside and he will think about something for her. Raj, who Avni wants to help her talk to Samarth, but Raj’s love for Avni only makes him do the reverse. He tries his best to avoid Avni from talking to Samarth. He cuts the telephone wires so that no calls come on Avni’s phone.

Inside, Sanvri tells everyone she also wants to talk to Samar. She asks what time it would be in US now. Arpita says it must be 11. She exclaims so there is a difference of only two hours in timings of US and India. Arpita says it’s morning there. Everyone laughs at Savri. Avni comes in. Savri tells her to sit sticking to the phone now.Savri says she feels Samart will impress Avni as he did Suket. She tells her to tell him about all the top positions she got, and all the certificated she had. Suket reminds her it must be morning in US so she should greet him by Good Morning. Bhavna reminds him to ask if he have breakfast. He will like it. Avni recalls the list. Savri is standing along the phone impatient. She picks it up to increase the volume, and notices the phone is dead. Suket says he will check the inner receiver. Arpita comes to hold the set, when Raj comes in. Bhavna asks him to see the phone. Savri says ‘Bad timing’ but Raj says ‘Good timings’. Arpita asks was it done by him. He winks at her and remembers how he had cut the cable of the phone connection. Suket comes and suggests he should give Samart Avni’s cell-phone number so that he can call her directly. He didn’t have his number saved and goes out to bring his card. Raj thinks what to do. He sees Bhavna sitting on the table; he goes to her and points to the un-riped mangoes. He says that the relationships should also be allowed to ripe like the mangoes. She says she doesn’t understand. He says that Anvi and Samart relation was not confirmed, and didn’t she think Suket was wrong giving Avni’s personal number to Samart. He says he should not interfere in it and asks if he can have a ripe mango and helps himself before leaving. While Suket plans on giving Avni’s mobile number to Samarth but Raj manages to influences Avni’s mother to think against it. Bhavna was concerned.

Suket brings the number and tells Bauji the ring was going. Bhavna comes running and stops him. She tells him like un-ripe mangoes are not eaten, the un-confirmed proposals must not be trusted. They haven’t met him yet and nothing is confirmed. If he calls Avni regularly, they won’t like it so they should better avoid it. Bauji agrees to her saying Avni will talk to him when the landline number gets fixed. Bhavna says Raj made her realize this. Bauji appreciates him but Suket asks him what he was doing in the house at this time. Raj have mango in his mouth, he finishes it and stammers ‘Files.’ He tells him he kept them in his study, and he have read them. He says okay and tells Raj to leave now. Raj says Good Night to everyone.

Arpita is looking for something in the bedroom. She finds Akshat’s file everywhere. Akshat tells her not to touch his files and asks what she is looking for offering his help. She asks will he really help her. He says yes he will. She says the smile of her husband has lost. He sits down, she kneels down besides him. She says it is alright they had a fight three days ago, but why not smile. She says she is not asking him time for herself but why drag it. She likes him as a romantic hero than an angry young man and that she has also lost her smile because of his. She turns around to leave. Akshat stands up and holds her hand and asks if her smile depend on his? She says yes. He tells him that nothing is more important for him than her smile. He apologizes her for being so busy. She assures him he will win the confidence of her father again.

The next morning, Avni comes to her father. He tells Bhavna that he will go to office late today. Bhavna asks if someone is coming to their home. Suket, who gives his own number to Samarth says no but Samart is going to call on his number to talk to Avni. He gives her phone to Avni to keep it, and he might call any time. Avni is worried thinking why this calling on phone is becoming a tension. She thinks Samart is a big producer and there must be something about him on the internet. This way she will get a topic to speak. Raj enters the door thinking the landline phone was still dead. He sees Avni sitting on the sofa. He greets her and asks why she is so worried. She tells him Samart is going to call her on her dad’s number. She is looking for some information about him on internet, because first impression is the last impression. Raj, who sees Avni searching for Samarth on the internet thinks he will have to create his impression and takes the tab from Avni’s hand telling her he will search for that Samaranth. She corrects him that it’s Samart. He says whatever that it is- a weird name. Raj does the searching and he reads about him, he is a young achiever, a talented hero etc. He tries to influence Avni’s thoughts about Samarth and tells her he must have an attitude because of fan-following. So Avni should keep an attitude in her voice while talking to him. He must not get it that she is from Jaipur so she need to impress him. She asks him if there is a photo. He finds one. He says though it’s not clear but there are a lot of girls around him. She says they should work in his show. He says that didn’t matter, he is always surrounded by girls. He must be a smooth talker and asks what kind of serials he made ‘saas tou saas hai, saas bina bahu adhoori’. He says he is so young but made such regressive shows. He must be the same himself. He tells her to make sure if he is such a regressive person in his real life as well. It will be difficult to live with him. She is worried when the phone rings. He tells her to calm down and keep her attitude. She picks up the call, and says ‘Hi, Avni here,’ The call goes on hold. She tells him he is quite polite. Raj says in a five minute call he had to be polite and asks what is taking him so long on hold. The call resumes and Avni tells him that it is very late at night; he must sleep now as she thinks it is not a very good idea to talk on phone. Raj’s plan seems to be working as Avni does not talk much with Samarth. Raj is celebrating her words behind her. She goes to give her dad his phone. Raj is guilty but he realises that all is fair in LOVE. Raj then comes to God saying he knows he is wrong but everything is fair in love and war.

Bhavnworryls Bauji to have tea; while everyone is sitting in the lawn. Savri also prays that it all goes well. Avni comes out; Savri asks all the questions in one breathe. Avni tells them she talked to him for a short while only. Suket asks her what is wrong. She says she has no problem, but she cannot speak to a stranger like this and know him. It doesn’t seem right to her. Arpita agrees with her saying it happened to her as well, when she was going to get married to Akshat. Bhavna also agrees. Bauji says it means they have not get as modern yet, as they should be, but not to worry. He tells Suket to call Mr. Chohan.

Suket calls Mr. Chotheyand while Raj is listening. Mr. Chohan says his son told him about what they and Avni talked about. Suket suggests that they should let their children meet, so that they can know each other well. In fact Samarth should come and live with them for a few days. Mr. Chohan says it is a good idea. But his son will come in 2 weeks. Raj swings around the pole in happiness saying 2 weeks. Suket notices, Raj says ‘sir files! He have kept them in the study.’ Suket says okay, he tells him to leave now and goes away himself. Arpita comes in, appreciating Raj that he managed it as Avni does not talk to Samarth for long. Raj says ‘and now he will also not let them meet, and meanwhile try to change the directions of winds to himself.’ He tells Arpita that Madhuri has arranged a party tonight and she is responsible to get everyone there. He will let Bhavna realize that he can be a good option for Avni.

Savri talks to Kavita on phone discussing about the renovation of house. Arpita brings juice but Savri refuses to take it and leave. She gives Pratab his glass. He takes it and stops Arpita from leaving. He tells her that he is not in a condition to buy the nearby house of her friend. She asks him why and he says he wanted to buy it after selling his old house. He tells her his old house is in mortgaged to Arpita’s father because someone took their diamonds from him in place of the money he couldn’t return. Arpita says she will talk to her parents, and they will return his papers. He asks her not to do it at any cost, and to just asks her friend to sell her house to someone else and that when he have money; he will buy another house for Savri nearby. He asks if she will do it for him. She nods and leaves.

Bhavna comes to Suket saying he again forgot they were invited to Raj’s brother in-law’s place. He tells them to go, but she says she won’t go if he doesn’t. Suket says he wants them to go so that Avni can enjoy. In a few days she will get married to Samart and she will be gone forever.

Raj is busy doing ‘bhangra’ when he sees Avni and her family coming. He hears a bell ringing. He thinks his love bell has rung a long ago and why is he hearing it now. He turns around and sees Sheru ringing the bell doing Arti of Jija. He tells them Avni is here. They go to them, and Madhuri does aarti of them. Avni asks if they did it to all their guests. Madhuri says yes and Raj says no at the same time. Then Raj explains that it’s done with the family only. Sheru mentions about the ‘langar’ (food-distribution). Avni says she will also help them. He is delighted to hear she knows about it. He explains how important it is for farmers to pray upon the first food of a crop, and he cooks and distributes from that crop, so this occasion is very important for him. They turn to leave; while andhuri stops him and tells them that first there will be Bhangra performance. Avni gets excited saying she loves Bhangra. Madhuri says not just watch; she will have to do the bhangra as well, as she dances well. Avni says she does not know how to do Bhangra. Arpita says Raj will teach her. Bhavna urges Avni to do it. Madhuri says today it will happen in a traditional way, and she will know in a short while.

Bhavna asks where Raj and Avni have gone. Madhuri says they have just come, then it appears Raj and Avni all dressed-up in Punjabi bhangra dresses. Madhuri asks how good the couple looks. They all enjoy the bhangra together. Raj and Avni celebrate the occasion of Baisakhi in a grand manner as the two of them perform ‘Bhangrah’ together. Madhuri gets drinks for Bhavna and tells her they were looking for a girl for Raj to marry him soon. She asks if she knew any girl. Bhavna says ‘Avni…?’ Madhuri excitedly says ‘Avni!’ but Bhavna says she is getting it all wrong, she was just looking for her, and asks Arpita where Avni is. She says she should be in langar. Madhuri excuses herself.

Avni is distributing the food, Raj comes to her help and hold the bucket of food. An old man blesses them that their couple continues forever. Raj says he will bring the sweet for him, Avni follows him.

Arpita tells Kavita that she wants to talk to her about her Banglow. Savri comes there wondering what they were doing together. Arpita returns the keys to Kavita so that she can show the Banglow to someone else as well. They hug as Kavita takes the keys. While Raj and Avni are busy serving at the ‘langarh’, Savri Bua sees Arpita asking her friend to take back the bungalow she had booked for Savri Bua. Sanvri gets angry watching this, and decides to take revenge on Arpita for snatching away her dream house from her and that she will not spare her today but stops as she remembers Bhavna favoring Arpita and shouting at her a few days back. She says she will not make a drama of it, Arpita has snatched her dream house for her, she will have to pay for her anyway.

They barbeque set up was on the balcony, beneath which were sitting the kids on stairs. Avni sees two kids sitting below a place where hot coal was falling, Avni comes to protect them but she is surprised when Raj protects her by covering her and the kids and letting the hot coal fall on him. Avni sees Raj is burnt and asks him to let her put medicine as he forbid her to tell it to Madhuri. He says he will get it done by Sheru. Bhavna comes and tells Avni to go as Suket is calling. Raj watches them leave.

It is night. Sheru puts medicine in Raj’s back saying thanks God it didn’t burn much. Raj is happy to have Avni by her side as he is thinking as if Avni is putting the medicine. Avni calls. She asks how he is? She asks what happened to him? She reminds him he was burnt. He says he is fine. Avni tells him everyone is talking about her marriage at home. He asks what she is thinking. She tells him she will never talk to him on phone now, and will wait until they meet. She tells him he will come in about a week or two. Raj says ‘Such an attitude from the beginning! Such an important decision of life, and he will come after a week or two?’ He urges her to refuse him as it’s a matter of whole life. She says she will consult Arpita before making any decision. Raj hangs up happily as he knows Arpita is on his side.

The next morning, Raj tells Sheru he have to come out early as he have to pick up Suket’s guests from airport. Sheru says he should have told him, but he says it’s okay. Raj sees some taxi drivers were arguing with a passenger. Raj gets the passenger free of them and introduces himself as Raj telling him he will drop him. He gets Suket’s call and doesn’t get time to hear the passenger’s name. They were going in the car, the guest says had he not been here, he have to pay Rs. 5000 to the taxi driver. Raj says he can’t let anyone present a bad image of his city Jaipur. The guest remarks that he thinks Raj is very passionate about Jaipur. Raj says off course, and whoever the stranger love should be respected. The guests introduce himself as Sam. Raj asks him why he was here. He says he is here for an important work and asks what Raj does. He tells him his father has cement business but he wants to own hotel business. Sam says they are alike, because he also does his own work is spite of his father’s chain of factories. Raj pulls up the car and asks Sam if he would wait so that he can drop these files here, afterwards he will drop him wherever he would ask him to go. Sam agrees. Raj gets out of the car, but unknowingly he helps Samarth to reach his destination. Sam looks at the address and calls Raj telling him he have brought him exactly where he wanted to come. Raj asks him he have some business with Suket uncle. Sam replies he can think so. Raj helps him pick up his luggage from the car and goes ahead. Sam gets a call. He answers ‘Samart Chohan here’ Raj gets shocked and turns back. He drops the luggage bag on his feet, and says this Samart Chohan have to come after two weeks. Had he told him his real name, he will have dropped him in a museum. j is angry with himself when he finds out that he has got Samarth to Avni’s home. Samart comes and asks for an apology. Raj asks ‘So he is Samart Chohan?’ He asks how he comes to know about it? Raj tells him he is Arpita’s so called brother and she is a daughter-in-law of this house. He tells him to go inside as he brought the wrong file and will get it in a while. Samart says thanks to him and comes inside.
Samart comes at the door. Avni is standing on the stand painting at the wall. He comes inside and catches Avni unaware as they have an extremely clumsy meeting and thinks maybe this is Avni. He asks excuse him. She turns around and asks who he is. He asks if she is Avni? She says yes, yes and asks if he want to meet her dad, he is inside and turns around. He says he is Samart. Suddenely she realizes and turns around. She stammers ‘and asks if he is that Samart?’ He says yes, he is that Samart; the one who did phone call. She is confused; and drops the paint tray. It splashes at his coat. In her worry, her dress touches his face and it too gets the colour. In a hurry to clean it, her hand prints get on his dress again. He says it is okay, that she have filled him with colour. She tells him to go to the guest room and change. She points at a direction. He goes there and says this is kitchen. She apologize again and tells him it is the opposite direction. He asks if she is sure and goes there. She closes her eyes. Avni is extremely worried as her first meeting with Samarth did not go really well. She is still in the hall praying had Raj been here he would have seen how she feel. Raj stands by her saying he is also feeling awkward like her. She tells him excitedly that Samart saw her in this condition. He says she look pretty. She tells him she poured colour on him as well. Raj gets happier but says how bad she did; his dress must be very expensive. She goes inside to bring her mother and Bua Savri. Meanwhile, Raj too finds a competitor in Samarth and says to God what they did to him. Raj is picking flowers in the garden. Bhavna and Savri were in front of Gods when Raj comes in and tells them he brought flowers and Tulsi leaves from the garden. Savri appreciates him but Samart comes from behind saying that more than flowers, fruits especially apple is important for the worship today. He tells them he knows it all because he telecast them in his serials. He moves forward and touches the feet of Savri. She asks who he was. He says he is Samart Chohan. Bhavna and Savri were delighted to see him. Savri asks how he came so early from US. He introduces Bhavna. He touches her feet; and tells them that since his worked completed earlier, he came to surprise them. They say it was a good surprise. Sanvri goes to call Avni and comes across Arpita. Savri too is very impressed by Samarth, but Arpita is not very pleased with Samarth’s arrival. Bhavna introduces Avni. Samart tells them Raj brought him here. Bhavna appreciates Raj for doing all the things for them. Arpita and Raj share looks and Arpita takes Samart inside. Avni thinks Raj is right and is worried what Samart will think about her. Savri comes in and takes out Avni’s best dresses from her wardrobe; telling her Samart has come and is a dashing boy. As she leaves. Avni gets more worried and thinks Raj should be here. Arpita and Raj are in the kitchen. Arpita asks Raj has this Samart not come so early. He says he had brought him here, but gets happy to think he will have to pass the test of the whole family especially Suket. While Avni is all panicky regarding her next meeting with Samarth, Raj comes to Avni while she is worried about her makeover. She asks him which lipstick color or kajal will suit her. She tells him she cannot go simple to him. Raj builds in some self-confidence within her saying her simplicity is her best dress and her beauty. She is the most beautiful person in the world and he will keep loving her like this forever. She waves her hands in his face and tells him to speak. Raj comes back from his lost thoughts. Bhavna comes in and tells her she looks beautiful, everyone want her to come down. Avni shows fingers-crossed to Raj, he abides by her.


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