Wednesday Updates On King Of Hearts (Season 2, Episodes 541-543)

Wednesday Updates On King Of Hearts (Season 2, Episodes 541-543)

Payal is happy to hear Roshni’s decision and gives her towel asking her to clean the house. Roshni asks if she is blind? Can’t she see the house is clean? She then asks Payal if she can clean her face? Payal throws something and asks her to clean it. Roshni calls Siddharth up and asks him to do something as Payal is torturing them. Siddharth asks her to calm down and wait for the right time. Payal dismisses the servant and says Naina will cook food from today. She asks the cook to give her apron and gives the apron to Naina and asks her to get the food prepared by 8 pm. Roshni says she can’t bear Naina’s stress. Siddharth says she is misbehaving with old lady and gets angry. Payal tells Naina that she is going to spa and asks her to make fresh carrot juice. Roshni tells Siddharth that Payal is leaving. Siddharth says the plan have started. Roshni wishes him all the best. Naina looks at the apron and gets teary eyes.

Siddharth thinks that Payal will go to Thai’s spa and enjoy and decides to give her fun at Indian span. Payal is at the spa. Siddharth comes there and says everyone have to leave from here, as he have booked the entire spa. He asks Payal to get the hell out of here and asks who she is? Payal angrily asks him who is he? Siddharth asks if she is losi….Sharma’s dog. He says he have booked the entire spa and asks her to go. Payal wipes her face and shows it. Siddharth says oh and asks what did she see in him that she came running after him. Spa girl asks her to leave. Payal leaves. Siddharth asks her to clean the place. Spa girl tells that she will do. Siddharth says not needed and asks them to take a day off, and chill today. He rests on the chair and says Payal Walia.

Roshni sits at Neil’s side and checks his fever. She says Neil’s name and goes out. Ria comes inside, sees him shivering and cries seeing his condition. She covers him with blanket and goes. Roshni sees Ria caring for Neil and is surprised.

Siddharth sneaks into the garden of Payal’s house and is waiting for Roshni to arrive. He looks for Roshni’s room window and thinks which is her window out of these two windows. He throws stone to a window which turns out to be Payal’s room. Payal wakes up and sense that someone sneaked into her garden. Payal immediately peeps outside the window and checks her garden and thinks who is there? Siddharth hides from her view seeing her and takes a sigh of relief as Payal goes back to her sleep. He thinks lucy will bark all night now. He throws stone on Roshni’s room window as this will gives them the opportunity to meet. Roshni comes out and hugs him. She says she is so happy and he don’t know what she saw today. Siddharth says he don’t know what she have seen and reminds of her words that she is married. Roshni says she got happy. She tells him that Ria came to the room and covers Neil with blanket lovingly and had tears in her eyes too. She thinks that Ria loves Neil a lot. Siddharth laugh and hugs her happily and says really? Payal hears his voice and peeps outside the window to check and then calls the security. Siddharth and Roshni hide. Payal rests on her bed again. Roshni and Siddharth discuss their further plan against Payal.

Next morning, Mithul sees Payal coming and asks her to give installment of her payment. Payal asks what is her value and asks her to get out of her way, and pushes her. Mithul falls down. Roshni helps her stand and leaves. Mithul feels bad. Payal asks her employee if Mauve is in loss, she says it was profitable till yesterday. Her employee says legal notice is also issued and need money for the payout. Payal asks who have sued? Her employee says Siddharth Khurana. Payal asks him to fix meeting with him. Siddharth calls Roshni and informs her that Payal wants to meet him. Roshni thinks what will he do now.

Payal and her employee come to Siddharth’s house. The receptionist says he is busy and she can’t meet him. Payal sees Siddharth dancing with his secretaries and goes inside his cabin. She asks him to listen to her, calling him bloody. Siddharth says she should listen to him and address her as bloody toi. He says she comes again and again, he told her that he is not hiring jokers in his circus, and asks what magnetic powers he has which attracts her. He calls the security. His secretary comes. Siddharth says he called the security and asks her to go outside and play. He asks the Security out to hold aunty’s hand and show her the door. Payal feels insulted and leaves. Roshni is on video chat and asks him to send the girls out now. Siddharth asks the girls to go, else his marriage will be in risked. Roshni teases him saying he is eating grapes. Siddharth says it is her turn now. Roshni says she don’t want to do this. Siddharth says they have no option. Roshni agrees and says for him. Ranjeeth comes to Mauve office. Mithul says not today. Ranjeeth blunt out and says how dare Payal to refuse them money, and asks her to give them the money. Payal calls the security and asks them to clean her office. The security guards take him with her.

Payal insults Mithul badly and asks her to leave right now. Mithul goes crying. Roshni sees Ria staring at Neil. Neil tells Ragini that the salt is more in the food. Roshni reply that she spend hours in the kitchen for him, and if he want to eat then to eat else where. Neil doesn’t eat the food. Ria feels bad and goes to the kitchen. Roshni thinks this is the only way to bring out the love from Ria’s heart and says sorry to Neil. Ria makes food and asks the servant to give the food to Neil. Neil eats the food and asks Ragini, if she made it. Roshni says may be the servant made it. Neil says it is super tasty and eats it. Ria is happy. Payal comes home and sees Ria smiling. She asks what is the matter? The servant gives the phone to Ria saying she forgot it in the kitchen. Payal thinks so this is the matter and reason for her happiness. She asks the servant to leave the job and gives broom to Mr. Sen Gupta. Roshni is shocked. Naina stops the servant and says she will sweep the floor. Payal says she have some other work for her and asks her to massage her head. Roshni is angry and shocked.

Payal sits on the sofa and asks Naina to massage her head. The servant asks Neil to dust the house. Neil says what nonsense? Ria feels bad. Roshni asks Neil what is his problem? She says they are all working, he can contribute else they will be on the road. Neil says he don’t expect this from her. Roshni gives him the duster and asks him to do the dusting. Ria feels bad and looks at Neil. Payal asks Ria to come to her and says it is not good to sit with the servants. She asks Naina if she has no strength and asks her to massage well. Roshni thinks this plan is making Neil and Naina suffer.

The employee tells Payal that they have to meet Khurana somehow. Payal asks him to think. Just then they get a call from American magazine, a man tells her that he is interested to buy Mauve magazine. Payal asks him to send his representative and says they will think about it. The man turns out to be Raj, Siddharth’s father. Siddharth praises his acting skills. Raj laughs and says he would have become an actor. Siddharth laughs. Raj says he copies his dad. The employee says they will go to the Khurana with this offer. Payal thinks when time is right, plan finds its way.

Siddharth, Roshni and Raj discuss their plan as to how can they teach a lesson to Payal. While the trio are busy discussing, Payal and her secretary are coming there. Roshni worries and says if she sees her here. Siddharth immediately asks his father to take Roshni out of his cabin so that Payal would not see her. Mithul comes to Payal and falls to her feet and pleads her to bail her son out. Payal asks her Secretary to ask her to leave. Payal walks inside Siddharth’s cabin. Siddharth asks if she got attracted to him like a magnet, and says she is 10 years aged to him and asks her to come later. He tells Raj that they seem to be like Chamku washing powder salesman. Payal’s secretary says she has an offer for him. Siddharth insults her teasingly and asks what is that offer. Payal informs him that there is an American company who is interested to buy Mauve. Siddharth and Raj laugh hearing this. He refuses and asks her to let him work. Raj says this is an American magazine and if they buy mauve then their investment will cover up. Siddharth says he just wants investment amount, as Mauve is in loss from top to bottom.

Raj asks him to rethink. Siddharth thinks and says this deal can’t be possible as his ex wife is still part of Mauve and if she is involved with Mauve then he don’t want to be part of it. He adds that if she owns company fully then he will agree. Payal says okay, work is done and leaves. Raj asks Siddharth, why did he tell about 15 % share of Roshni. Siddharth says Payal will trust him if he badmouths about Roshni and they will unite Neil and Ria, and return Mauve to Neil once Payal sells that company to the fake American company.

Roshni thanks Mithul for creating a scene in the office to stop Payal from seeing them. Mithul cries and says Roshni have supported her when Payal kicked her out and her son is getting rotten in jail and cries. Siddharth comes there and says her son came out on bail. Mithul repents for her doings and apologizes to everyone. Siddharth says they need her help. He asks her to go home and make Payal believe on her again. Mithul says she will not let her enter the house again. Siddharth says she will and nods. Payal thinks she wants Roshni’s signatures on the documents somehow.

Roshni comes. Payal says she have come. Roshni asks if she raised her to ask questions and tells her not to try to become her mum. Payal talks politely and says Roshni want her freedom and asks her to give her 15 percent share to her. She orders her to sign. Roshni asks why to sign, so that she can take everything. She throws the papers away. Payal threatens to throw her out of the house. Roshni acts to cry like a child and says she is so scared and that if she leave from this house, then she will not get her 15 percent. She refuses to sign on the papers. Payal says she will kick her out from here. Roshni goes to her room.

Mithul comes there, apologizes to Payal and asks her to let her stay in the house, and that she is ready to do anything. Payal asks her to think. Mithul says yes. Payal gives her the papers and asks her to take Ragini’s signatures on the papers and gives her a medicine bottle. Later Mithul tells Roshni that she will mix this medicine in halwa and asks her to pick other bowl. Siddharth makes arrangements to make the place look like an American office. Bunty tells that he called the junior artiste. Raj says everything will be fine now. Siddharth says yes, as they are together.

Mithul adds medicine in the halwa, and shouts seeing insect in the halwa. Payal also shouts. Later Mithul comes to Roshni and asks her to eat the halwa. Roshni says she don’t want to eat, but Mithul insists. Roshni takes it and eats. Payal looks on. Roshni eats the medicine halwa and gets inebriated, she says she is feeling good and wants to dance. Mithul holds her. Roshni asks how did she come back home? She dances and sings song..Ria comes and looks at her. Neil looks on surprised. Roshni says Payal is a dayan and will eat everyone. Roshni tells Payal that she will talk to her face to face. She goes towards Payal angrily.

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