Final Episode: Reach For The Stars

Final Episode: Reach For The Stars

Doctor Mehta’s wife is astonished seeing her husband alive and decides to tell the truth in front of Kamla and Vitthal. She tells them it was Dheeraj who tried to kill Mehta and tells them that Suhana is actually Kalpana. Vittal and Kamla shocked to hear this and remembers when she first met Suhana and feels guilty for not recognizing her daughter all this time.

Suhana is extremely upset that Kamla will not be present for her engagement and tells Aryan that she finds the name Kalpana very familiar. She feels that Kamla can never lie about anything and Aryan assures Suhana that he will anyhow make her meet Kamla. Meanwhile, Kamla and Vitthal inform Pakhya that Kalpana is alive and tell him that Suhana is Kalpana. Later the show takes an unexpected twist when Kamla and Vitthal find out that Raghav is still alive. It is revealed that Raghav was also taken by some villagers. Vitthal and Kamla go to meet Raghav. The two of them tell him everything about Kalpana still being alive and also tell him that Kalpana is Suhana now.

Suhana is all dressed up. She recalls herself in the bridal dress. She recalls when she was waiting for Raghav. Suhana says who is the person I am seeing again and again. is that my past? Raghav’s car and Aryan’s bike are adjacent but they don’t see each other. Raghav says I have lost Kalpi twice I can’t lose her again if I don’t reach on time I won’t forgive myself.

Suhana is in agitating state. Kavita comes in and takes suhana out in the wedding hall. Aryan sits with her. Aryan says sorry suhana I am late I went to the shop to bring my pajama. The wedlock starts. Everyone is happy. Pandit says stand up to make each other wear the garland. Aryan holds Suhana’s hand. Aryan makes Suhana wear the garland and so does she. Pandit ji says now sit down for rest of the rituals. Suhana is confused. Vitthal and Kamla come in and Raghav follows them.

Kalpi sees Raghav and says Raghav, everyone is shocked. Suhana stands up, and goes to Raghav. Raghav smiles. They are both in tears. The song, ‘tum hi ho’ plays in background. Suhana closes her eyes. A lady is coming in she collides with a waiter and the sindur in her hands gets on kalpi’s forehead. she touches it and recalls when in temple Raghav married her by filling sindur in her hairline. kalpi says Raghav, Raghav is in tears. Kalpi hugs him, Aryan stands up in shock. Kalpi looks and Kamla smiles. she goes and hugs her. Kamla says you look good. Kamla kisses her hand. Kalpi hugs Vitthal and says baba, she hugs him too.

Mehta comes in on the wheelchair. Dheeraj and Aman are shocked. Mehta says I gave her Suhana’s face she is Kalpana Yadav. Dheeraj asked me to do all this. Suhana met an accident because of Aman and died. He wanted to save Aman and asked me to do this. Sanjya says what is he saying Suhana. he was in in comma. his mind isn’t working. You are my Suhana. look at me I am your papa. These people are making you fool. Sanjay says Dheeraj tell me they are lying. I will send them all from here. Dheeraj says Mehta is right. Sanjay slaps Dheeraj on his face. Police arrest Dheeraj and Aman. Aryan is trying to console Sanjay. Aryan says why are you both emotional. Pandit ji is here everything is ready. why don’t you take an advantage.

Kalpi and Raghav fulfill all the wedding rituals. Kamla says my Kalpi got her fistful sky today.


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