Wednesday Updates on Twist of Fate: Episodes 401- 402

Wednesday Updates on Twist of Fate: Episodes 401- 402

Tanu thinking she will win in the dance competition. just then she see Nikhil standing and is shocked to find him in the house. Vijay acts during the rehearsals. Raj says he is really wonderful, and asks him about the arrangements. Vijay informs Raj that he is ready to attack and asks him to keep the amount ready. Raj asks him to complete the work and not leave any proof. Vijay cuts the apple with a sword. Raj asks why did he take up Ravan’s role. Vijay says he will end Sita in kalyug. Raj thinks to arrange the money. On the other hand, Tanu gets worried noticing Nikhil in the house and asks him as to why did he come there and asks not to meet her in the house. Nikhil compliments her beauty and says her dress is suiting her. He asks if she plan to dance in dandiya competition. Tanu asks if he is mad?. But hides the fact that she wants to take part in the Dandiya event that is to be held during the night. Nikhil, on the other hand, warns her against talking part in the event as she is currently pregnant and he don’t want his baby and his mother to have any complications. Feeling imprisoned and in her eagerness to dance and win the Dandiya competition, Tanu tries to flatter Nikhil and expresses her desire to spend time with him during the function and says she didn’t spend good time with him from long and asks him to meet her in Aaliya’s room. Nikhil asks if she is joking? Tanu tells that she will meet him and asks to wait in her room. Nikhil expresses his love to her and says ” I Love You” Tanu thinks he will play dandiya when he will wait for her in her room. Nikhil happily says that he will wait for her and kisses her. Tanu takes a sigh of relief when she sees Nikhil going. Daadi and Daasi get scared with Ram Leela’s rakshas. Mitali teaches dandiya to Taya ji. Taya ji says it is very confusing. Pammi comes there and says her leg has sprained. Mitali taunts her. She asks her to think about 10 lakhs rupees.

Tanu comes and shows her dress. Mitali says she is looking beautiful. Daasi says she is looking okay.

Daadi asks Sarla if she is ready to do dhamaal at dandiya dance. Sarla says the kids will do dhamaal. Daadi asks about Bulbul. Bulbul falls down and she is forced to drop out of the Dandiya function as she injures her leg and gets hurt. Purabh asks Jhanki to take Bulbul home. Bulbul asks him to keep her informed about the dhamaal. Abhi asks Pragya to back off. Pragya says she will make dandiya as her sword and dance. They play dandiya and fight while dancing. Dhol baaje plays……………………..Pragya recalls previous year celebrations. Abhi looks at her. Pragya gets uncomfortable and stops dancing. Someone compliments Pragya on her dancing.

Announcement is made for the dandiya competition. Vijay collides with Daasi and she scolds him. Meanwhile, Raj sees Vijay fooling around and tries to stop him. Vijay says he is playing ravan. Daasi asks him to practise. Raj thinks this man is crazy and he should take care of him. He asks him about his preparation. Vijay, once again, leaves Raj impressed when he displays his skills. Tanu thinks how to dance and decides to send Nikhil to the room. She signal him to go. Mitali sees this and thinks Tanu is signing Daasi.

Mitali tells Raj to play dandiya with her. Raj seems uninterested. Pragya and everyone are busy seeing dandiya dance. Abhi comes to Pragya and pats on her shoulder. Pragya asks what? Abhi says he came to tell her that she is so alone. Pragya says people will be away on heights. Pragya thinks she is helplessly doing this for him and says it is her choice to stand alone and not helplessness. She asks Ronnie to bring food for her. Ronnie brings it. Abhi says people care for rich people, but only relations stand irrespective of the status. He excuses himself. Daadi and Daasi look at the girls who were dancing. Abhi asks about Tanu, and meets Vijay. He asks if he saw fair girl here. Vijay says no and gives him prasad. He asks about the crackers. Vijay says it is for the festival. Vijay thinks his eyes are on Pragya. He thinks he has to find some other way to kill Pragya. Someone compliments Tanu and asks why she is wearing ghunghat and dancing. Tanu says she don’t want to be distracted. Pragya tells Daadi that her mood is off and Abhi talked to her. Abhi comes back and thinks where Tanu is. She sees a lady dancing and thinks she might be Tanu. He then ignores his doubt. Abhi comes on stage to dance. Ronnie thinks this dancer is dancing good and he have to see her face. He picks up her veil shocking everyone.

Abhi finds Tanu dancing in the event organized at the house and gets extremely furious. Everyone gets shocked seeing Tanu dancing under a veil in the dandiya competition. Daasi tells Daadi that this girl is Tanu. Raj thinks she is gone mad. Abhi chides Tanu and questions her as to why she is dancing when she is pregnant and asks what she is doing here. He reminds her that he told her that this baby is important for him and he sacrificed his marriage and love for her and for this baby. He asks why did she put her life at risked. Tanu tells Abhi that she was forced to do so and blames him for her step. She informs Abhi that she did so that she can get some money for herself as he is helpless and thought to earn money for him. She thought he can fight case against Pragya with this money and he is calling her selfish. Then, Abhi chides Tanu asking her if she would kill her unborn child for money. Tanu cries and she adds on that she required money for her medical check-up, and she not have any other option apart from dancing and she have also been doing this for her baby. Abhi says he would have arrange or beg money from someone. Pragya thinks she is lying. Tanu blames Pragya to be reason for her dancing.

An angry Abhi then takes Pragya to a room and pushes her on bed where he questions about her activities and asks if she is at peace now by spoiling his relation with Tanu and she have proved today that she can do anything. Pragya says she didn’t force her to dance. Abhi says she used to earn lakhs of rupees from modelling and blames her. Pragya says she would have asked money from her if she really wants and that she also paid her hospital bill. Abhi says she is very greedy and have crossed all limits today. He adds that she have put the baby in danger for whom, she have promised his fuggi. Pragya gets teary eyes. Abhi says she can’t spoil his relation with her as she is standing with him when no one is with him. He further tells Pragya that no matter what, he would never leave Tanu alone. On the other hand, Pragya cries and thinks she can’t bear his hatredness. She then tells to herself that Abhi is getting trapped in the Tanu’s trap and is not willing to understand that, she is planning against him.

Purabh comes to Abhi and asks what happened? Abhi asks about Bulbul. Purabh says she asked Bulbul to rest as her legs were swollen. Abhi says he is getting bored. Pragya comes there and asks him to give speech at the start of Ram Leela. Abhi says he is not interested and he will not get any profit. Purabh asks him to give speech else his name will be spoiled. Abhi says she didn’t ask him before committing to sponsors. Pragya says he said that he will give speech. Daadi comes there and asks what happened? Pragya tells her that Abhi has refused to give speech. Abhi asks her not to take Pragya’s side. Daadi tries to convince him that he is not like others, and praises him. Abhi melts down seeing Daadi asking him. Abhi finally agrees to give his speech which will make everyone speechless.

Vijay tells Raj that his work is done, and asks him to bring Pragya during the last scene when Ram and Ravan will be fighting. Raj agrees. Vijay says it is his plan to end Pragya’s story.

Nikhil is still waiting for Tanu in Aaliya’s room and thinks to wait. He then thinks she might lied to him, to keep him away from her and dandiya. He will not leave her and she is taking advantage of the space which he have given her. He will not bear it anymore.

Pammi and Mitali see Ram Leela. Mitali asks her to see her favorite character Suparnakha. Abhi says everything is boring without a rock performance. Pragya says it will come in the end when Ravan is lighted with fire. He asks about the time of Ram Leela. Pragya says it will go on for 2 more hours. Abhi says he will sleep till then. Nikhil comes there and wonders what happened here? He asks about Tanu. Payal informs him that Abhi scolded Tanu when she was playing dandiya. Nikhil goes and searches for her everywhere. He wonders where she is? Abhi takes a quick nap. Pragya goes to get her phone. Pragya tells Payal that her boss is falling. Payal holds him and thinks he is strange. She thinks what he is hearing and wear ear plug. She hears Abhi listening to rock music and transfers bhajan in his phone. Abhi wakes up hearing bhajan and asks Payal. Payal tells God punishes them if they listen to rock music during Ram Leela.

Nikhil spots Tanu sitting in one of the room. Tanu wipes her tears. Nikhil says he have been waiting for her in that wrong room and she was playing dandiya happily. He asks her to think about his baby and calls her selfish. Tanu says she will dance and nobody asked why she is doing this? Nikhil asks her to share her heart talk with him. Tanu says he can’t help her. Nikhil insists. Tanu tells him that she needs 5 lakhs rupees. Nikhil asks why did she want that large mney? Tanu says he can’t take care of her needs and want her to marry him. Nikhil says she loves money and he will give her 5 Lakhs rupees. He asks if she will come back to him. Tanu says she is marrying Abhi for money and his half of the money will be hers once she marries him. She will then come back to him. She says they have to end Pragya for that, and she needs money to give to the killer. Nikhil is shocked. Tanu asks him to decide.

Pragya is coming towards that room. Nikhil agrees to give her the money for their relation. Tanu hugs him and thanks him. Nikhil asks her not to lie to him. Tanu promises and thinks she don’t want to see his face, leave marriage aside. Pragya comes just then. Nikhil asks Tanu to stop crying and gives her tissue. He asks her to smile. Tanu gets shocked seeing Pragya.

Pragya sees Nikhil and Tanu in Tanu’s room and questions them as to what are they doing in Tanu’s room. Nikhil tries to make an excuse that he was just passing by when he saw Tanu crying and he was consoling her as Abhi chided her previously. He asks Pragya to make her understand. Tanu starts to blame Pragya for getting sound scolding and insult from Abhi. She informs Nikhil that Pragya is the reason for her situation. Later, Nikhil informs Pragya that he doesn’t wish to interfere in their personal matter and leaves from there. Tanu storms out of the room and says she came here to see her crying and in pain, but you can’t separate her and Abhi as we love each other. She warns Pragya against trying to create difference between her and Abhi and tells her to do whatever she want. Abhi is hers and will always be hers. Although, Pragya has a makeover, she sometimes still seems stupid at times, as she repeatedly gets sticks in Tanu and Aaliya’s trap but this time, Pragya however, thinks what was Nikhil doing here with Tanu. She recalls the previous incident when she saw both of them together. She starts to doubt that Nikhil is the father of Tanu’s child and decides to keep a watch on him. Meanwhile, Payal and Ronnie talk about Pragya and Abhi. Payal expresses her worry regarding her remuneration before Ronnie but Abhi can’t give her the money. Ronnie says he will ask Pragya. Payal refuses to take her help. She says they would be together as they really love each other. The two of them come to the conclusion that only if Abhi and Pragya realize their love for each other, will the remuneration problem be sorted out. Payal says it is her plan and it is mission Abhigya……….Ronnie likes the name Abhigya.

Abhi gets bored during Ram Leela and asks Payal about Pragya. Payal speaks to Abhi about Pragya and praises him. Abhi asks why she is praising her. Payal says whenever he call her lady mogambo, it shows the love he has hidden for her but this only annoys Abhi and says there is no logic in her talk and asks her to become hen. Purabh comes there and says she is right, and whenever they love someone then they gave nickname to the person. He asks if he give nickname to Tanu. Abhi looks on.

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