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Itel Mobile And The Sarz Academy Team Up To Teach Music Production

Africa’s leading mobile phone brand, itel Mobile teamed up with The Sarz Academy under the leadership of ace sound composer “Sarz” with The Sarz Academy under the leadership of ace sound composer “Sarz”, with the aim to sponsor young aspiring music producers in their journey to build a successful career in the music industry.

The partnership which marks one of the itel’s main initiatives of 2018, would spark a collaboration between the brand towards the academy’s second edition to equip students with the necessary facilities, skills and support needed to improve their talents and learn the pivotal aspects of music production whilst carving a niche for them in the industry.

itel Mobile Treats Fans To Exclusive Hangout

itel Mobile, a customer-centric brand has once again created a seamless interactive session and built a unique social brand experience for its customers.

Well known for their focus on dedicating a lot of time to maintain the relationship with their audience, Africa’s mobile phone giant, itel Mobile, last month, held a fun-filled exclusive hangout session with selected loyal fans at Lekki Conservative Centre, Lagos.

itel Mobile rewards fans for their passion for football

Football is a game of passion- the thrill, excitement, the theatrics, the intensity of players on the field, the referee decisions and the breathtaking moment of a goal scored or missed, the various facial expressions of fans, all captured in the realm of an unpredictable match. This is the world of football and everyone is a part of it, even Africa’s favourite smartphone maker, itel mobile.

In a bid to create a unique and fun-filled experience for users during the World Cup season, itel Mobile started an online photo campaign tagged #MyGoalExpression, a platform for football lovers, itel fans and tech savvy individuals to express their best goal moments by posting selfies with a grand prize to be won. Here is a rundown of the exciting Goal expression moments;

itel Mobile’s itel P32 Full-View Phone To Launch Today

Great news!!! itel Mobile is preparing to announce its much-anticipated all-new itel P32 here in Nigeria at Radisson Blu Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos today. itel Mobile, which was 10 years old last year, has decided to make provision for those that wouldn’t be able to attend the event. 

According to the information gathered from the company’s social media handles, the event would be aired LIVE via their Facebook and Instagram pages today and there are lots of goodie bags and gift items to be won by those who will watch the LIVE streaming. 

ZeeWorld’s The Promise July 2018 Teasers

ZeeWorld, as usual, is always up to giving us series and soap operas that definitely get us wanting more. While ZeeWorld’s The Promise is a tv series many of us have seen before, I know that there is always something new to see, feel and learn every single time. 

The Promise is a story of three sisters who learn that family matters most in life beyond having money, cars and other luxurious stuff. And if you can’t hold on to family, you have almost nothing even if you have every other thing in the world. 

For those who haven’t seen ZeeWorld’s The Promise yet, you can still catch up and read the updates right here at We wouldn’t want you to miss out on anything juicy. 

ZeeWorld’s King of Hearts Season 2 July Updates

It’s been a fun time for King of Hearts season 2 fans and lovers watching the unveiling of the characters whom they’ve come to love. There’s been Satya and Mahi’s love story, the hatred of Kareena and so many. If I didn’t know better, I’d have said the Khurana family was cursed. Afterall, Roshni and Sidharth’s love story did not end well. They just kept bouncing from one problem, madman, mad woman to the other. 

Well, here’s what’s happening on ZeeWorld’s King of Hearts season 2 this July 2018. I hope Satya and Mahi’s story ends better than Roshni and Sidharth’s. By the way, King of Hearts season 2 is ending this July! Isn’t that exciting? 

King of Hearts Season 3: Here’s What To Expect

King of Hearts will be back on Zeeworld on the 14th of May, 2018. This season 3 is the story of Siddharth and Roshni’s son, Karanvir, 20 years after the death of our two star-crossed lovers. That was so sad. 

Anyways, let’s focus on Karanvir, Roshni and Siddharth’s son who’s all grown up but has been named Satya by Gangu Tai, the maid. So I really don’t like Gangu Tai. She practically stole Karanvir from Siddharth’s family when she refused to take the baby to them after Roshni and Siddharth died. I mean, fine, her real son Satya died in that car accident with Roshni and Siddharth but why didn’t she just return the baby like Roshni asked her to do? Who does that?

Blood and Wine on Telemundo: Meet The Cast

Blood and Wine, also called Sangre de mi Tierra, premiered on Telemundo Africa this week and let’s just say the tension, the drama and intrigue are gradually building up. I’m going to believe that it’s going to be one huge explosion by the time the series reaches its climax. I also hope that it’s not going to be one of those series that start well with a big bang but then don’t give us the fire and intensity we want in our soap operas and TV shows.